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Movement Intelligence

Movement Intelligence

Digitizing 3D body movements for everyone. 

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Movement Capturing


Our versatile sensors stream movements from multiple body segments – down to the muscle, joint and ligament levels – with lab-grade accuracy. 



Movement Analysis




Our iOS app supports real-time data logging and data analysis. Synchronized video and data streaming allows easy analysis of snapshots of movements.

  • Intuitive Bluetooth pairing and commissioning interface

  • Support up to 4 BLE sensors simultaneously

  • Synchronized video and data capturing

  • Real-time visualization of multiple data streams






Our PC data analysis tool supports advanced data analysis. Multiple data sets can be compared and analyzed for a variety of purposes.

  • Data analysis on time series data

  • Statistics calculations including average, RMS, Std. Dev., derivatives, smoothing, and min/max

  • Customizable window for optimal visualization


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Developer SDK + API


Our SDK and API allow developers to build on top of our product. Developers and industry partners can use body movement as an input to explore endless opportunities across industries.