We are building a digital enterprise where our technology becomes the driver of innovation and ideas for various industries. 




Nan-wei Gong

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Nan-Wei Gong is a researcher, engineer and serial entrepreneur. She was the founding team member of 3dim Tech Inc (acquired by Nest/Google 2014), a winner of the MIT 100K competition 2013. She started Circular2 in 2014, a consulting firm specialized in wearable computing, hardware system design, and manufacturing. She was assigned as the R&D Lead of Project Jacquard at Google ATAP (2014-2016), among other collaborations with fortune 500 companies. Nan-Wei holds a PhD and MS from the MIT Media Lab, and a MS and BS in Materials Science and Engineering from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.


Tiegeng Ren

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Tiegeng Ren is our CTO with 10+ years of firmware and software engineering experience. He is a veteran in product development life cycle and holds multiple patents in wireless communication systems. Prior to joining figur8, he was a Firmware Engineer and R&D Lead at Schneider Electric specialized in wireless sensor development. Tiegeng holds a PhD and MS in Computer Science from University of Rhode Island, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tsing Hua University in China.


Donna Moxley Scarborough

Director of Sports Medicine

Donna Moxley Scarborough has 20+ years of clinical and research experience. Her focus in practice and research has been merging technology with clinical assessment and treatment of athletes to offer additional support to performance, injury prevention and to rehabilitation programs for successful return to competitive sport. Her previous positions held include Clinical Director of the Biomotion Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA, and Clinical and Research Director of the MGH Orthopaedics Sports Performance Center, in Foxborough, MA. Prior to joining figur8, she was the Director of Sports Performance and Analytics at MGH. Donna has numerous research publications including 3D biomechanical analyses and has co-authored two award publications which featured use of wearable technologies. She currently is a Doctoral Research Fellow at MGH Sport Medicine Center and is a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Science at MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA. Donna received her MS degree from MGH Institute of Health Professions and her undergraduate Physical Therapy degree from Northeastern University, in Boston, MA.


Keith Desrosiers

Principal Software Engineer

Keith Desrosiers is our Principal Software Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience in designing, implementing and testing software. Prior to joining figur8, he served as an Embedded Software Engineer at Taco Comfort Solutions leading major projects related to HVAC monitoring and control software. From 2007-2011, Keith was a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Schneider Electric where he worked on high availability data center infrastructure monitoring software projects. Keith holds a BS in Computer Engineering from University of Rhode Island.


Jennifer Brine

Lead Project Manager

Jennifer Brine is our Lead Project Manager leading product development in sports medicine and digital health. She has extensive project management experience from Circular2, an engineering consulting firm, where she managed multiple R&D contracts from Google. She is trained as a Mechanical Designer and has extensive experiences in DFM engineering and complex heavy movable structure design from Alogus Innovation & Design and Hardesty & Hanover respectively. She holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Vermont.


Jing Wang

Software Developer

Jing Wang is our front-end Software Developer at figur8. Prior to joining, he had experience in machine learning and data analytics. He is now an iOS developer and works closely with the UX/UI team. Jing holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Rhode Island, and a BS and MS in Signal and Information Processing from Northwestern Polytechnical University in China.


Marius Gailius

Lead Hardware Engineer

Marius Gailius is a serial entrepreneur with specialties in hardware development. He is the Founder of Ovao -  a wearable optical heart rate monitor for swimmers, and DigiFrame - where he led product development of an ultra low-powered display that can run in one charge for one year. He is the winner of the 2016 European BEST engineering competition in the team design category among participants from 32 countries. Marius holds a MS in Biomedical Engineering and a BS in Electronics Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania.


Chris Beck

Lead Mechanical EngineeR

Chris Beck is our Lead Mechanical Engineer with strong expertise in design for manufacturing (DFM) and product development. Prior to joining figur8, he led the design and development of various consumer product projects at Ideas Well Done. He is skilled in the areas of 3D CAD drawing, 3D printing, and designing intricate injection molded parts. He has extensive experience in executing the full product development cycle and has deep knowledge in fabrication and manufacturing. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Vermont.



Melody Chao

Finance/Business Development Specialist

Melody Chao is our Finance/Business Development Specialist focused on business development in the sports medicine and digital health sectors. Prior to joining figur8, she was a New Venture Project Lead at Circular2 and a Business Analyst at Resolution Analytica leading key venture development and data analysis projects. She has financial and risk modeling experiences from Jentech Precision Industrial Co., a publicly traded tech firm in Taiwan, and consulting experiences from Apex Industries Co., a boutique trade and engineering consulting firm in Shanghai, China. She holds a BSBA in finance from Boston University.


Mian Wei

Lead designer

Mian Wei is our Industrial Designer at figur8. He has extensive experience in industrial design, graphic design, and UI/UX design. Prior to joining, he worked as a Hardware and UI/UX designer at Tencent, one of the largest Internet and gaming companies in the world. His works are published on major design magazines such as VICE and Designreport. He holds a BS in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design.